Internationale Assoziation für Interkulturellen Dialog und Geostrategische Studien


Zusammenfassungen der Roundtable-Präsentationen vom 21. September 2022: Moderne globale wirtschaftliche, politische und soziale Krisen und Risiken

  1. Alfred de Zayas Different models of civilization: accommodation vs rivalry
  2. Greg Simons Global Geopolitical Transformations and the Split Between the Western and Non-Western Worlds: Perspectives from the Fifth Dimension of Strategy
  3. Oleg Ivanov What does the end of the post-Cold War era mean?
  4. Rolf Clauberg Nation states in an economically globalized world
  5. Keltoum Irbah Different perceptions of the present political and social world landscape: reason for a conflict or an opportunity for cooperation?
  6. Vladimir Sotnikov Non-traditional security risks: the case of South Asia
  7. Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg Challenges of Civilization in the Modern World
  8. Stefan Ziegler a documentary film about teaching International Law in conflict situations