International Association for Intercultural Dialogue and Geostrategic Studies

Organisation of the Association


The International Association for Intercultural Dialogue and Geostrategic Studies is a nonprofit and non-partisan organization aiming to foster dialogue and acceptance of different values between different cultures and to highlight the interdependencies, similarities and differences between cultures. It will also support the corresponding objectives and tasks of the United Nations Organization and participate in international programs and projects of the United Nations and its sub-organizations.


To achieve the objective, the association participates in scientific studies of economic dependencies, historical and geostrategic aspects and the publication and dissemination of the results at international conferences, as well as by conducting own seminars and courses. The aim is thereby to bring the understanding of political decisions and confrontations to a rational basis.

The board

Picture - Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg
President - Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg
Picture - Rolf Clauberg
Vice-President - Rolf Clauberg

President - Prof. Dr. Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg

Dr. Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg is a political scientist, diplomat, and historian. She studied at the Moscow Linguistic University, the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow, the Diplomatic Academy Vienna / Austria, the Russian Academy of Public Administration, the Europe College in Bruges / Belgium, and the Orthodox Humanitarians University of St. Tichon / Russia. Her qualifications include the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science) of the Diplomatic Academy (1997), a Diploma in German Philology, a Diploma in International Relations, a Diploma in Management of Public Administration, and a diploma in theology.

Since 2013 Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg lives in Switzerland and carries out her activities in Moscow mainly from here. Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg was the director of the Center for Public Diplomacy, Dialogue of World Cultures and Religions at the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow from 2015 to 2019. Previously, she was a diplomat of the Russian Diplomatic Mission to UNESCO in Paris / France, cultural attaché of the Russian Embassy in Vienna / Austria, and cultural attaché of the Russian Embassy in Bonn and Berlin / Germany.

From 2017 to 2019 Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg was head of the "International Diplomatic Forum", a humanitarian project in the field of public diplomacy. Since 2019 she has headed the international project "Diplomacy and Culture", which also includes concerts. In addition, since October 2019 she is the official representative of the Russian Peace Foundation in Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as at UNESCO in Paris. The Peace Foundation has adviser status (ECOSOC) to United Nations agencies since 2006.
Since September 2022, Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg is the Coordinator of the Association of Russian Schools in the Canton of Zurich, native language and culture (HSK - "Heimat Sprache und Kultur"), HSK courses recognized and controlled by the Canton of Zurich's elementary school authority.

Prof. Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg is a member of the ICOM (International Council of Museums) and involved in the Committee for Culture and Education and the Committee of the City Museums. Further memberships and information:

Vice-President - Dr. Rolf Clauberg

Dr. Rolf Clauberg is a scientist and very interested in all cultural, economic and historical topics. He studied physics at the University of Cologne / Germany from which he also received the title of Doctor of Science. Diploma and doctoral thesis were carried out at the Forschungszentrum Jülich / Germany with experiments at research facilities of the University of Paris-South in Orsay / France and in Berlin / Germany and computer simulations at the super-computers in Jülich. From 1985 until the end of May 2018, he worked in research and management functions in the IBM research laboratory in Rüschlikon / Switzerland in various fields, ranging from optoelectronics to the architecture of computer systems. Again, the research was mostly in the field of computer simulations and analysis of complex systems.

Dr. Rolf Clauberg was from 2018 to 2020 a visiting professor of the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow , and there gave lectures on the impact of technology on the economy of companies and countries. From 2020 until end of June 2022 he was an Associate Professor at the People Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) at the Economic Faculty, Department of Management. More memberships and further information:



Chapter II. Methods and means



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